Aren Trading

The food trade is one of the most important trades in Turkey, which is characterized by both diversity and high quality.

In addition to the suitable prices compared with other countries and the fact that Turkey is an agricultural producer of many food products, these factors make Turkey a successful food export country.

offers Aren Trading variety of products, including various Turkish brands as below:

  • Water and juice
  • Cans
  • Nuts
  • Oils
  • Animal, meat, and fish products
  • Legumes and grains are the most important of them:
  • Rice

We offer rice with a variety of options in prices, different types of packaging (plastic, cotton, PP, jute, laminated paper), available in packaging from 1kg to 50kg.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Aren Trading is an international importer and supplier of fruits and vegetables. We have a foothold across Europe and excellent global relationships with farmers, suppliers, and a large number of influential people across the food chain.

The key to our business is to maintain great relationships with the right people to get the best products for our customers.

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