Packaging supplies

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Proper packaging is one of the most important factors in the success of product-based projects, so we attach great importance in ensuring the quality of paper, cardboard and plastic bags to ensure the product’s safety and non-damage.

The fields of Aren Trading within the packaging industry offers

1. Paper and cardboard

2. Tissues: Aren Trading offers a comprehensive range of tissues and high-quality paper products for all your needs. Tissue paper products range from face napkins, pocket bags, kitchen towels and party packs.

3. Plastic, packaging supplies metallic and glass.

4. Filling and packing machines.

5. Bags

Why Jute Pouches instead of Plastic Pouches?

The use of jute products in place of plastic products has several advantages, including:

  • Jute is a very strong natural fiber.
  • Jute products are seen as maintaining their Shine longer.
  • Jute, as natural fibers, decompose during a standard period, for example, a few weeks, and months.
  • Affordable jute products and versatile fiber.
  • Jute products provide good ventilation.
  • Biodegradable, organic and non-toxic.
  • Jute consumes carbon dioxide from the environment and releases oxygen at a very high range.
  • Jute is reusable and therefore environmentally friendly.
  • Budget friendly. Modern shapes.

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